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Our Digital Marketing Solutions

Lakaz Web agency provides additional services to complement your website, offering a comprehensive digital marketing strategy

To be visible and active on all online platforms, explore in detail our web marketing solutions :

Audit marketing digital

Digital Marketing Audit

Comprehensive analysis of all your company's online activities (website and social media) to gain a holistic view and identify solutions to achieve your goals.

Image qui représente un homme qui augmente ses revenus grâce aux campagnes SEA

SEA Campaigns

Implementation of advertising campaigns on search engines to generate targeted traffic to your website, boost your sales, and achieve your goals.
Immediate results!

Marketing des réseaux sociaux

social media marketing

Creation and distribution of targeted and engaging content on social media platforms (organic posts, paid advertisements, stories, videos, contests, etc...).

Digital marketing

Why Digital Marketing in Your Business?

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a collection of tools and techniques aimed at making a company or brand visible and active on the web. 

A comprehensive digital strategy multiplies the digital channels that drive consumers to your business. 

These tools greatly contribute to increasing the number of visits to your website, retaining your customer base and also enhancing your brand awareness.

The benefits of web marketing

Solutions de marketing digital de l'agence Lakaz Web

The numerous digital platforms available today allows you to reach your prospects with great precision. This marks a significant progress in communication between companies and their target audience.

The digital marketing has thus become increasingly integral to the life of businesses. Utilizing it means making the most of all the opportunities that the internet offers for your company. 

All of these techniques enable you to capture a maximum number of internet users and increase your chances of achieving your growth objectives.

The various forms of digital marketing

The first pillar of a web marketing strategy is undoubtedly the creation of a website

In addition to that, we offer several solutions to boost your visibility and expand your community.

At Lakaz Web, our web marketing services are primarily focused on search engines as well as on social networks.

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On social media platforms

We take charge of your communication on social networks

To actively engage your existing customer base and reach a broader audience, we curate and share customized content that resonates with your target market and reflects your latest news. 

Effective communication on social networks enhances your visibility, sets you apart from your competition, improves your brand image, and ultimately boosts your revenue. 

Your presence on social networks also greatly contributes to your online reputation. 

This involves regularly creating content to engage your community, as well as running advertising campaigns on social networks. 

Explore in greater detail the social media marketing solutions provided by our web agency to establish your brand as a must-have.

On search engines

On Google, we implement paid advertising strategies for you, also known as SEA (Search  Engine Advertising).

SEA campaigns take the form of sponsored links and guarantee you a top position on search engines by purchasing keywords tailored to your objectives.

Unlike SEO ranking, this solution delivers immediate results in driving traffic to your website, while specifically targeting prospects who are close to making a purchase.

Explore in more detail how we work on your SEA campaign to deliver excellent results.

Nos solutions de marketing digital sur les moteurs de recherche (illustration des icônes de navigateurs web)

These web marketing solutions serve as a true complement for your website. 

Before implementing a web marketing strategy, it can be important to conduct a digital marketing audit with Lakaz Web agency.

This allows us to identify your digital weaknesses and determine the priority actions to be implemented.


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