Development of showcase websites for all types of businesses.

Showcase Website Creation

To have a website is essential for a business. 

website plays a crucial role in enhancing your online presence, attracting new customers and building their loyalty. 

It conveys your brand image and highlights your professionalism. 

Entrust us with the development of your website and benefit from a powerful tool to attract, inform, engage, and convert your visitors into customers.

Création de sites web vitrines avec l'agence Lakaz Web
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Some features of the showcase websites developed by Lakaz Web agency

Intuitive Design

An instinctive visual interface that provides a pleasant and engaging user experience.

User-Friendly Navigation

Simple and efficient navigation to ensure your visitors easily find what they're looking for.

Mobile Optimization

A seamless experience across all devices, ensuring maximum accessibility for your visitors.

SEO Optimization

Attract your prospects directly and grow your business with a website optimized for search engines.

Social Media Integration

Encourage engagement by connecting your site to social networks for easy sharing and interaction.

Performance and Security

Offer a smooth and secure online experience for your visitors and peace of mind for you.

Highlight your professionalism

Stand out from the competition

Être le numéro 1 grâce à votre site web

The development of brochure websites enables businesses to stand out from their competition. 

With Lakaz Web agency, highlight your professionalism and make your expertise visible.

By generating qualified traffic on the web, you promote your brand, products or services, and your news to gain visibility. 

Combined with your expertise, it is the best tool to support your professionalism and set yourself apart in the eyes of your clients and prospects.

photo d'un site web vitrine

A well-designed showcase website will enhance the credibility of your company, your brand, and bring you new contacts.

Our web agency works diligently to ensure that the content of your website aligns with your values, target audience, and objectives.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Bien positionné sur le moteurs de recherche grâce au SEO

In order for you to be seen and recognized, we work on the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website.

We first target the keywords   that are relevant to your business and goals for each case.

Then, we proceed to create SEO-optimized content to boost your search engine rankings..

image d'un dessin représentant le référencement naturel (SEO)
As a result, your showcase website will be seen and read by your target audience. This is referred to as qualified traffic.

To convey the image of your company

Custom design creation

Your brochure website enables you to convey the image of your company.

To ensure that your clients and prospects remember you, we design websites that are in full compliance with your visual identity.

These graphical elements embody your brand and differentiate you from your competitors.

Véhiculer son identité visuelle avec un site web au design sur mesure

Comprehensive Visual Identity

Your visual identity includes your logo, the typography used in your content, as well as the choice of images, shapes and colors used in your communication.

It should be coherent and attractive, reflecting the image that your company aims to convey, and consistent across all your communication channels.

Don't you have a visual identity?

Be reassured, we create a customized visual identity for you that will convey your image while embodying your business and values.

Bureau agence web ile maurice

Drive visitor engagement with calls to action

Generate leads

A brochure website should offer quality content and highlight your professionalism. But it must not be just a static website limited to its content and design. 

It must be modern, attractive, and engaging for your visitors. Through your dynamic website, encourage your visitors to take action.

Générer des leads grâce à son site web et augmenter son nombre de clients

A well-designed showcase website encourages your visitors to click to request information, quotes, or appointments. 

It generates leads and converts your visitors into customers.

Implementation of advanced features

At Lakaz Web, we integrate all the advanced website into your features to encourage your visitors to take the desired actions that align with your objectives.

We then implement advanced analytics tools to measure conversion data from your website.

This includes the number of visitors, bounce rate, time spent on the site, pages visited, and actions taken by your visitors. 

With a conversion-focused approach, we ensure that your showcase website is effective in achieving your business goals.

Improve your online reputation

Your website is the first relay of word-of-mouth that your brand benefits from. It contributes to improving your online reputation.

Your showcase website should therefore inspire and enable your visitors to share on social networks

pictogramme d'un pouce bleu, représentant l'E-réputation

This allows you to promote your content within an ever-expanding community making your brand a prominent presence in the market.

It can also encourage your visitors to leave a comment or positive review, as well as check out your customer testimonials or reviews on external websites. 

These features enhance your brand image and encourage your visitors to choose your company. 


Contact Lakaz Web and seize the opportunity to stand out. 

Be visible, highlight your expertise, grow your turnover and achieve your objectives

At Lakaz Web, we work closely with our clients. We get to know you in order to perfectly meet your needs and create customized projects.

Take advantage of our free consultations, we will be delighted to get to know you.

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