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Social media marketing involves implementing a range of strategies to enhance a company's visibility and engagement on social media platforms. 

Social media platforms has become an indispensable digital channel for effective business communication.

Are you looking to expand, engage, and create meaningful connections with your community?

Lakaz Web agency offers to take care of your social media communication and becomes your Community Manager.

In order to expand your customer base and increase your profits, we also carry out targeted advertising campaigns for you on social networks.

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Community management

With our strong knowledge of digital marketing and our expertise in content creation, Lakaz Web agency enables you to benefit from attractive, tailor-made communication that is perfectly suited to your target audience.

Interact with your community

interaction avec le marketing digitale

Communicating on social media allows you to interact directly with your community

This way, you can share important information, new offers, promotions, and even create special events to boost your business.

After your posts, it's crucial for your community to react and share them

This allows you to be closer to your existing customers and also to gain visibility among new prospects.

This is the role of a Community Manager who serves as the voice of your company on social networks.

Reach your target audience

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To effectively reach and engage your prospects, it's crucial to communicate on the social media platforms that are most popular among your target audience (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc...).

If you're not currently active on any social media platforms, we'll help you establish a presence on the most relevant networks for your business and objectives. 

We then create tailored content for your business and target audience to help you build a community.

Deliver relevant content

Lakaz Web agency takes care of distributing visually appealing content on your social media platforms, ensuring that your message is relevant and engaging.

This content must align with the image and values you want to convey for your company. It captures the attention of your readers, sparks interest and drives them to take action.

Take control of your online reputation

We contribute to your positive online reputation by responding to both positive and negative reviews.

Responding promptly and courteously in all circumstances demonstrates to your community that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of your concerns. 

In this way, we foster loyalty among your existing customers and reassure prospects who are reading about you.

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Social Ads Campaigns

Implementing social ads campaigns enables you to achieve fast results. It is one of the initial steps to take when executing a social media marketing strategy.

When effectively implemented, social ads campaigns significantly boost the traffic you generate on your website or at your physical store.

These solutions enhance your brand awareness, contribute to your online reputation, and drive sales for your business. 

The tools at our disposal enable us to precisely target social media users who match your target audience and measure the results of your campaign.

Marketing des réseaux sociaux

The various objectives of social ads campaigns

The objectives of each being different, there are three main types of social ads campaigns :

These objectives are the essence of your campaign. They will define the content and format of your publications.

Logo de notre agence web représentant le toit de la maison du web placé au dessus du nom de l'agence nommé "Lakaz Web"
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The methodology of Lakaz Web agency

Lakaz Web agency strives to make your advertising campaigns relevant and effective

To achieve this, we adhere to a specific methodology.

Several factors need to be considered beforehand to ensure that your campaigns achieve their objectives.
To do so, we proceed step by step:

With our comprehensive set of tools and techniques, we measure the the results of your advertising campaign.

Next, we generate detailed statistics on the typical profile of internet users who have responded to your social ads campaign, allowing us to determine a persona.

The persona is a fictional character that encompasses all the characteristics of the users who have been affected by your campaign.

This will enable us to fine-tune your communication and achieve increasingly better results.


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