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Are you looking for a trusted web agency for the creation of your showcase or e-commerce website in Mauritius? 

Lakaz Web agency ensures 

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All types of websites for all types of businesses

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We understand that each industry has unique requirements, which is why we customize our creations to reflect the essence of your business.

Whether you're looking to establish an elegant online presence with a showcase website, promote your real estate properties, or facilitate online sales and appointment bookings, we have the expertise you need.

According to your requirements, we seamlessly incorporate features that enhance user experience and boost the effectiveness of your website, guaranteeing a distinctive online presence.


Showcase your products or services in a professional and appealing manner.


Create your online store to sell your products or services.


Allow your customers to easily rent goods such as cars, equipment, or spaces.


Create a captivating online presence for your restaurant, showcasing your menu, ambiance, and services.


Provide advanced search features and intuitive navigation to facilitate property search.


Provide information about activities, accommodations, and tourist attractions. (Websites for travel agencies and tourist activities)

Why invest in a showcase or e-commerce website?

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Do you want to learn more about the numerous advantages for your business of investing in a showcase or e-commerce website developed by Lakaz Web agency?

Explore our pages and find the web solution that matches the needs of your business.

Showcase Websites

Visit our Showcase Websites page to discover the benefits they bring to your business and the features of our solutions.

E-commerce Websites

Visit our E-commerce Websites page to discover the benefits they bring to your business and the features of our solutions.

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